St. Valentine's Pink

Happy St. Valentine's Day!!
This holiday and I don't go back very far.  It's not that I don't like it, it's just that I haven't had many occasions to celebrate it.  I have shared the special day with a few significant others over the years, but nothing stands out as 'memorable' or 'one for the books'.  
One thing that you should know about me is that I love sending snail mail.  A few years ago when I was in college I sent Valentine's to all of my girlfriends.  I wrote them all a letter and included a pink note card with it.  It wasn't until this past June when I was going through my granmom's desk after she passed away that I remembered that Valentine.

The letter was tucked away in a box, but the pink note card was laying on her desk where I imagine she put it the day she got it.  It was simple, but such a sweet reminder.  The card read, 
"The truth is, you're never alone.  There is a God who delights in you, rejoices over you, and quiets you with His love.  Zephaniah 3:17." 

 And at the bottom it simply said, "Now that's my kind of Valentine." I may not have a mushy love story to share with you, but i do have this one and I think it is the best love story I could ever share with you today!

In order to truly celebrate Valentine's Day I believe that one must get a full dose of pink.  So fear not, I am here to help you start the day off right and get some pink in your system!  Enjoy!

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Anonymous said…
You're right, that is a great Valentine, and your positive attitude about it will only be beneficial to your relationship with Mr. Right in the future. :) I like that room in the first picture.
Anonymous said…
I love sending/receiving snail mail too. That is a great Valentine note you found on your Gradmom's desk. I also like all the pink themes you found too. :) Happy Valentine's Day, Lauren!
CWY said…
What a great story! Happy Valentine's Day!
I remember that Valentines Day card - I loved getting it in the mail!! Happy Valentines Day Love!!
Julie said…
Hello! I nominated you for a Liebster Award : )
Elizabeth said…
love that first picture!!! can it be my living room?!?!?!