You Can Never Have

You can never have too many dresses!!  Or at least that is my motto to live by!  I would live in dresses all the time if life would allow.  In fact, when I wear dress pants to work my dad always looks at me weird, and frankly I think it is weird too!

Love that dress?  Me too!!  I am thinking that it would fit in perfectly in my closet and would look even better at 20% off.  If you agree, then today is your day!  
Today through March 10th you can get 20% OFF when you shop at eShakti.  Just use the special discount code ENJYNGTHEJ


Helene said…
totally agree! and love the colors on this one!
Love this dress!
Love eshaki!
Love dresses, period. haha
jackie jade said…
cute dress! making me dream of spring!
Raeven said…
Absolutely adorable! Is it just me or are they coming out with the cutest print dresses everywhere lately?
Ashley said…
I have always loved dresses ... and wish I could be the type of person who would wear them often! Probably why I've always adored Carrie from Sex and the City -- she even made feminine hygiene shopping in a skirt look fun!