A Few Good Texans

In case you missed the Texas Independence Day post last week, you need to go check it out and catch up on your Texas history!  Us Texans like to celebrate our heritage, and in honor of Texas Independence Day this month I thought I would share with you A Few Good Texans.

About a month ago I asked how you read your blogs: Google Reader or Bloglovin.  There were many answers, but not a clear answer.  I ended up sticking with Google Reader, and organized it after the lovely Brenda(another Texan) told me I could use folders.

So I started organizing to my heart's content and the first two folders I made were 'Daily Reads' and 'Texans.'  That is just the order I read in everyday and the others follower after.  I hit several of the Daily Reads in my Blogger Crush post last Thursday, so here I am to share with you a few of my Texan Reads!

Princess of the Panhandle; Confessions of a Cowboy's Wife
Next To Heaven

Pink Heels Pink Truckhopeful wandering blog
 Chasing Texas Button

Living Pretty
Fun fact: Crystal at Billie Jean and Kaitlin at Kaitlin Leigh and I are sorority sisters from Texas State!! Disclaimer: Not all Texans that I read are listed here, this is just a smattering of some of them! 

What Texans do you follow?
Happy Tuesday!

Princess of the Panhandle


hha I LOVE that you have a texans folder, that's awesome.

I had no idea you could create folders on google reader. I use bloglovin and organized it in folders there.
Thanks for linking up! I have a Texas folder, too!!
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I'm glad using folders has helped. I need to reorganize mine. I have "favorites" "food" "diy" and a few other but there are too many awesome blogs out there. i think i def need to add a "texans" AWESOME idea :D
Well...I guess Google Reader tricked us. I'll be posting a tutorial on how to import your Google Reader RSS Subscriptions.
Lacey S said…
I just found your blog through last week's Texas Tuesday link up - fellow Texas State alumni here!

Lacey @ CHARM + Sass