Blog Redesign

Nope... haven't done one yet, just considering.

When I say I love my header, I mean I LOVE MY HEADER!  I took the photo in my back yard one evening just as the sun was setting and the lighting was perfect that day.  It was just my pup and I out that day and out of the many pictures I took this was the only one that captured what I was after!

I'm not tired of it, just curious if it is time to change it.  To this day I still get compliments on it and I've even had someone ask me if they could use it on their blog(thank you, but no!).

So I guess this is a two three question post.
1. Should I change my header?
2. What should I change it to?
3. Why have you changed your header or redesigned your blog?

Happy Weekend, dear friends!
I'm gearing up for a cold weekend in North Texas.  What are you gearing up for this weekend?


Nic said…
I love your header! I don't think I would change it. Or use it again in a different layout?

No plans this weekend! Just hanging out and crafting. Maybe putting more items in the shop.

Anonymous said…
Keep your header, I love it! :)
I love your header! I've changed my blog (and am working on changing it again) because I just wanted to clean and simplify...if you feel like changing something, change other parts of your blog design...not that I have any idea as to what that should be...