Blogger Crush

One of my favorite things about blogging is the community!  I never expected to meet such amazing and talented women.  It was a pleasant surprise and I wouldn't trade any of my readers or blogging friends for the world!  
Sponsoring blogs is something that I have dabbled at over the past year here and there, but currently I am sponsoring no one and that is by choice.  When I have sponsored blogs in the past it has only been blogs that I truly believed in what their message was, and later on it became my friends that I sponsored. I am sure that you have all found great blogs that have become 'daily reads' of yours through either sponsor posts or sidebars of your favorite blogs.  I am blessed to say that I have found some wonderful women that way and a few have found me too.  
So here I am to share with you those amazing ladies I talked about.  The ladies that I call friends and want to share with you all today!  These ladies support me, encourage me to blog, and inspire me daily!  They are my daily reads(and crushes) and should be yours too!  I encourage you to click on a few link and say hi!!

Kaitlyn at Wifessionals.  Not only is she the one responsible for Cara Box, but she is a daily inspiration to me and her readers!  She has been participating in a link up of 'Letters to my Former Single Self' and this single girl has been loving them!
Christa at significance or nothing.  Confession:  I may or may not stalk her frequently.  Her blog is beautiful and simply simple.  Her sweet spirit is evident in every post she writes!  *Disclaimer: She knows I stalk her and she is okay with it(I think). 
Emily at Newlywed Moments.  A must read everyday for me!  I found her after seeing her button on the sidebar of almost every blog I read and am so happy to now call her a friend.  I always look forward to one of Emily's posts and her positive attitude just makes my day better.  I may also stalk her too!
Next To Heaven
Crystal at Next to Heaven.  These next two ladies are Texans so I automatically have bigger crushes on them.  Crystal has such a beautiful blog and family.  I love living life vicariously through her blog!  We have a scary amount in common and we were even at the Ft. Worth Stock Show and Rodeo the same day sitting across the arena from each other.    
Helene in Between
Helene at Helene in Between.  I'm not even quite sure where to start with Helene.  She is amazing and I'm pretty sure that if we were friends in real life she would challenge me to be a better me everyday!  Dear Helene, every time I go to the city I look for you.  I highly doubt I will ever just 'run' into you, so maybe we need to make this actually happen sometime!  Hope that doens't qualify you as the third person on this list I stalk.  #oops
Danavee at This Vintage Grove.  I love everything about Danavee.  Her style, her beautiful spirit, and her love for all things vintage.  She always has such new and fresh stuff on her blog and I'm pretty sure if we were friends in real life I would be broke.  If you have seen pictures of her booth then you know what I mean!!
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Jennie said…
Love love next to heaven blog!
Helene said…
well, my whole entire day is made. i can't thank you enough. that really means so much to me!!!! I have a crush on you!!
Anonymous said…
Aw thank you sweet friend!
lilredfd said…
Thank you Lauren!! I am adding all of these to my daily reads (along with yours of course!) they are great!
CWY said…
Of course I am okay with it! Thanks so much, Lauren. I love hearing from you every day!
Danavee said…
Could you make a girl feel more special than that!?!?! I THINK NOT! You, seriously, just made my WEEK! Hugs and love to you! Thank you for your kind words.
YOU ARE PRECIOUS. thank you so much for your sweet words!!!!
Aww Thank you! You are so sweet!!!!