Every Woman

"Every woman has the exact love life she wants." 
-The Wedding Date

The first time I heard that line in one of my very favorite movies I thought 'that is outrageous!'  But the older and wiser I get, I am starting to believe it is true.  

As I have mentioned many time before in my posts, I view my singleness as a blessing.  It is a gift from God.  Some days I wish God would take his gift back, and some days I love it more than others.

Never-the-less, it is my gift from God and I will cherish it as long as he chooses to let me keep it!  Until then I will use it to glorify him.  You might start seeing more singleness posts here because of that.  But to be honest, there are enough newlywed blogs out there to choke a horse.  Us single girls need encouragement and need to know we aren't the only single ladies out there!

With all that said, do you think we all have the love life we want?  Married or single, I think it applies. 

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Anonymous said…
I personally don't agree, simply because I have been lonely before I found my husband...if it were true that we could all have the love life we wanted, everyone would instantly get a boyfriend as soon as they desire one. It's not always easy (I know from past experience) to simply be 100% perky and happy about being single.

I think (and I don't mean for this to be harsh) that many of the women who would say this are the types who are used to being asked out at least once a week. Those are the same ones who used to insist that I enjoy being single - the ones who were attracting flocks of guys and didn't have to worry.
ty said…
I'd make a modification and say that every girl has the love life they NEED. I needed to go through some less than desirable men to really appreciate a good one.
Helene said…
that's a good question. i think that i was SUPER lucky in that I found the guy i was destined to be with at age 17. but its a different journey for everyone.
Raeven said…
I think I agree with you, too. When I first heard it on the Wedding Date, like you, I was outraged! How can you possibly think that I would leave myself lonely all this time?!? But, like you said, I get older and I realize that this is probably true. I could be dating someone right now, but I don't really want to. I haven't found someone I think is worth my time in that regard. Or maybe I have and I'm just too stubborn to get over myself.... Some days I'm not really sure.

I'm with you on the singleness, though! (As I'm sure you know)
Tanika said…
Yeah I agree with the saying. You get what you go for. :That was definitely true and IS true for me.