A few things you should know about me.
...I LOVE Hawaii 5-0
...I love my job and getting paid for it is a perk
...I love pretty backgrounds on my computer

This interior designer has been so busy lately that even I missed Hawaii 5-0 Monday night, GASP!  No matter how busy I am I always seem to make time for it, but this week it was a fail.  In case you forgot how much I love 5-0, here is a little reminder from my trip to Hawaii last year when I went to the Season 3 premier and got to see the entire cast!
The next night(after I missed 5-0), I was at the office until 10:30.  A little after 8 I tweeted 
"Even though I am at the office at 8:20 at night this @lisaleonard screen saver sure does make me happy!  #happyeaster"
And the next morning this happened= cool!
Go get the same background here! 

As for Wednesday night, I met with one of my good friends from high school and his sweet wife to go over their house plans that I am working on for them.  They loved them and now on to exterior elevations and finishing them up.  More homework for me, but so great to be doing this for my friends.

The best(not) part of all of this is that I am so far behind on blog reading this week it isn't even funny!  I will try my hardest to catch up this weekend, but I think sleep might be my first priority! 
But really, the best part of all of this is that I haven't been on Facebook in well over a week!  And it feels so good! 

As for the rest of the week...  Thursday is my favorite day of the week and NO WORK FRIDAY!!, so what can go wrong now?


Anonymous said…
I would just delete Facebook if I didn't use it to occasionally communicate with people that I use as job references. It's expected to become less and less active this year.
Helene said…
so jealous you have off tomorrow! and it's ok to be behind, i think we all are!