Just Chill

Funny story: I went shopping with my mom for one night and when I go home that night I was surprised to discover that chaos had ensued on the blogging community.  Dear Google, stop trying to make Google+ happen and give us Reader back.
The funniest thing to me about all of this is that everyone was throwing a fit over something that technically isn't happening until July 1st.  Take a chill pill, you've got a few months to get your act together and make the change!

I would say it's pretty official when you log onto Google Reader and Bloglovin' and you are greeted with these beautiful messages two days in a row.  Dear Google, what the heck?  Dear Bloglovin', thanks for the reminder.  All my blogs are already with you, so chill.

And then there was the time this happened...
Well played Bloglovin', well played!

So keep following me with GFC, add me on Bloglovin', or just do whatever makes you happy!  
I am not worried about numbers, but my hope is that if you like this blog of mine and like what I have to share then you will find another way that suits you to keep on reading!

Happy Monday!  Any big plans for the week?
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Anonymous said…
Haha, that cracks me up that they responded to your tweet.