Living the Journey: Beautiful

When are you your most beautiful?
For me it is right after I get out of the shower and I have just let my wet hair out of my towel.  My hair may or may not have gel in it yet, but it is me and only me.

I guess you could say this is for me is the instance that all those country songs are always talking about when they tell you to "girl, let your hair down."  For the first time all day, I am not trying to please anyone and I feel the most beautiful and young that I have all day.  When do you let your hair down?  When you get home from work, or snuggled up in front of the tv in the evenings?
                                                                                   Source: viaDebbie on Pinterest

For me, I would have to say that letting my hair down is something that I am having to learn myself.  Ironically, my hair is almost always down, but I feel like letting your hair down means so much more than just a pony tail holder.  For me, it means my comfort zone, free and easy, and no inhibitions.

Letting my hair down is one way that I am Living the Journey, and one way that I am challenging myself this year.  I am learning to be more comfortable in my skin and knowing I am all I need, and that my beauty is always with me.

How are you Living your Journey this week?
When are you your most beautiful?
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Anonymous said…
I feel more beautiful now that I adopted a less-makeup look (basically I quit wearing mascara; I just get tired of messing with it). My husband stops me out of nowhere and tells me that I am beautiful or gorgeous, even when I have my glasses on (not my contact lenses) and haven't brushed my hair...those are the kind of moments when I feel beautiful, knowing that I am with the person I don't have to worry about impressing. :)
Sunae said…
This is a gorgeous post! I guess I feel most beautiful whenever I'm in my boyfriend's arms. My hair is well and truly down when it's just the two of us, and since he has recently started working away, we enjoy that time together even more. I know I don't have to try to please him, he loves me the way I am and he makes me feel beautiful every day we are together :)
Anonymous said…
"Letting my hair down" starts for me, the moment I come home from work. :)
Helene said…
I love this!! i think I am when I am the happiest and just feel free!
Danavee said…
This was pretty thought-provoking! I'm not sure I have a quick answer for that! Maybe it's when I'm at the thrift......zoned in on finding goodies. Or by the mister on the sofa watching Amazing Race. Definitely a great question to mull over.
CWY said…
I love this post!