Living the Journey- Break Ups

If you have ever been to a blogging conference you know that you need to be prepared to tell people what you blog about because they will ask! And when they ask they will genuinely want to know.  If I were to attend one tomorrow(or practice for Declare in August) I would tell someone that I blogged about interior design, my small town, singleness, and my faith.  I can guarantee I would not mention my break ups.  Break ups have a negative connotation and they are not seen as pretty.  But one thing that there are is part of how we Live the Journey.

In my twenty-four years I have had a small hand full of break ups, but only two that I would count as big deals.  My first hard break up was my senior year of high school.  It was the longest relationship I had ever been in and I was heart broken when it ended.  He was my best friend and the spiritual leader of our relationship.  Looking back I see how dysfunctional our relationship really was, and how we are both so much better off now.  Looking back I also know that I wasn't in love, but to this day I still know that I was falling in love at the same time.

Fast forward nearly four years later into my senior year of college.  I was attending an amazing church where I went to school and had a great community of friends from there, and that is where I met my second hard break up.  I never knew it was possible to have so much in common with one man before I met him.  We loved all the same music, shot the same guns, watched all the same shows, had the same sense of humor, and loved the same God.  Overall, we were great together and I could see a life with him.  
Had that life and plan been the Lord's plan for us, I would currently be a firefighter's wife on the Mexico border eight hours away from my family.  But that was not the plan for us, and come to find out his issues with commitment turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me.

A few weeks ago I read Max's post about her break up four years ago and it sounded just like mine in college.  It was hard for both of us to let go and we liked the idea that we could possibly 'make things work' even when deep down we knew it was over.  But we never did and the Lord eventually closed that door.

Fast forward one more time to today.  There is no new break up to report, or relationship to introduce you to.  Instead, there is one happy girl here to report that because of those break ups and past experiences I am Living the Journey a little bit sweeter and cherishing every moment of it. 
I am able to thank the Lord that he is sovereign and knows what is best for me.  A few weeks ago I posted a quote from The Wedding Date that "Every woman has the love life she wants." My favorite comment was from Ty and she said that she would rephrase it to say that "Every woman has the love life she NEEDS." I 100% agree with that and love the beauty in that thought. 

Singleness is how I am Living the Journey.  Now you now a bit more about my journey and I hope you will share yours with me too!
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