I have been blessed to get to travel quite a bit in my twenty-four years, and one of my favorite places that I have been to would have to be Monaco.  Yes, Monaco.  Home to the late Princess Grace Kelly, sea side landscape on the beautiful Mediterranean  and home of one of the most amazing car races.  
Monte Carlo
Casino Monte-Carlo
Monte Carlo
Hercule Harbour and the Principalitiy on the left
Monaco is probably one of the most unique places I will ever go in my life and I have been twice now. Each visit has been part of one of my trips to Nice.  The first time I went to Monaco it was a whirlwind of a day and we walked what seemed like forever.  Despite all the walking it was absolutely beautiful.  The architecture, the landscape, and the culture.  You think Starbucks can be pricy... FALSE, I bought my most expensive cup of coffee(cafe au lait) in Monaco but it was oh, so worth it!  
My second trip to Monaco was part of a two week stay in Nice.  My friend Christeen and I were going to attend the Grand Prix, and had extended our trip a week longer to make sure we were there for the race.  To this day I am still speechless when describing how unbelievable the Monaco Grand Prix was!  Legendary!
It was ten times louder than I expected, and twenty times more amazing that I could have ever imagined.  Most people have the Grand Prix on their Bucket List and I got to go the week after I graduated from college.  Blessed beyond belief!
My view for the race was unbelievable.  We were in the shade most of the day and were able to see the track in seven difference places.  See the 'Casino De Monte-Carlo' sign in the two photos above?  That was where every driver walked across to get to pit lane.  And let me just tell you, even from that distance they are beautiful!  
As I said last week, Design is my passion I get paid for and Traveling is my passion I pay for.


Helene said…
WOW!! these pictures are incredible Lauren!! This is a place I would truly love to visit!! but I bet it can be very expensive.

Thanks so much for linking up! (Don't forget to add your link on the blog hop on my page so people can find you!!)
I LOVED Monaco! I only spent a short time there but it was such a pretty country!
Tanika said…
GORGEOUS. One day I shall go across the seas!
Anonymous said…
I would love to visit there, so beautiful! Also so amazing that you timed the trip so you could see the Grand Prix! What an experience!
Jodi said…
Oh wow beautiful. I would live to visit there. Not so into the race but everything else sounds great!!