My Amigo

I hope you are ready for a small town ranch life story because you are about to get one.  Last Tuesday, just after my dad and I had gotten home from work he changed to go out in the pasture to check on the cows.  The cows were on the back side of the property and my horse was in another pasture grazing, so my dad left the gate open when he went through. 

In the mean time my mom and I were in the house catching up from the day and then I eventually went to go change.  As all this was going on Amigo, my horse, was making a bee line for that open gate.  Next thing I know my mom is yelling that the horse is out.

By the time I get outside he is literally down the street headed down to the creek.  So I take off sprinting. 
 -I pause the story to tell you that I had not had enough time to change, so I am still in my long dress, sweater, and sandals from work.  Just keep that in mind for the remainder of the story-  
As I am sprinting after Amigo(in my dress) he just kept running.  Eventually he got stopped by a few cars and turned and went behind a neighborhood.  This was actually good because it meant he was still on our side of the creek.

By now my mom has caught up to me in her Traverse with a halter.  So we drive down to where Amigo is now.  We hopped out of the car and were able to get near him and just as I was putting his halter on he bolted.  So as a result more sprinting after my horse ensued.

We ended up behind another row of houses and I thought I would get him because he would soon come to a corner and either turn back towards me, or turn home.  WRONG! There was a break in the fence that I had not anticipated...  He proceed to run through a plowed field and then I could see him no longer. 

So mom and I met back up again and we headed in the direction we thought he had gone.  We got over to our friends house and he was no where to be seen.  We were greeted by the most adorable lambs and baby goats, but no spirited horse.  On our way to our friends' house dad had gotten home and put two and two together and realized we were after the horse.  Dad met up with us and we sent mom home to see if he would return and dad and I kept looking.

Dad and I took off now towards the busiest street in town(other than the interstate) and I was starting to get concerned.  We checked another neighborhood and no luck.  As we were headed to a housing edition that backs up to our property we pulled into a long drive that backed up into the field that I had last seen him in. 
We looked and no luck.  As dad was walking around the truck getting a better look this lady behind her house yelled 'is this your horse?'  And you better believe it was my sweaty, spirited horse! He had been in this lady's front yard just feet from that busy yard, but she was able to catch him and put him in a pin until we arrived. 

You may be thinking the story is over now, but now we have to get home. Seeing as I am still in my dress and sandals, dad takes Amigo and starts the walk home across a large plowed field, a large neighbor hood and quite a bit of our property.  I drove the truck home and then we all went out and brushed down our sweaty horse.  

My favorite part of the story was after everything was over my mom, dad, brother and I were sitting at the dinner table praying before our meal.  And was does my dad thank the Lord for?... 'Our family activity tonight!!'  

That was exactly what it was, just another family activity on the Ready- Nelson Ranch.  And what did we do the next night?  We spent it going over to our other neighbors land to get our bull that went visiting.  I may joke that I have no life, but some how I tend to stay busy!!

Happy Monday!!  Happy New Week!!  Happy Short Work Week!!


Mallory Hermann said…
Lol I have been there! Casper always chooses the worst times to bolt. Glad you caught him and he was safe!
jackie jade said…
ha wow - what a busy night! i have enough trouble catching my slow pugs when they escape from our yard (which is very rare). I can't imagine chasing down a horse! glad he made it home safely :)
i've only chased my dogs when they try to be free like the wind. i couldn't even imagine running after a horse. glad you found him. :D
Knowing the neighborhoods etc gave this story a nice life! I can't imagine running all over God & Creation like that! But then again, I've spent my fair share of time searching for goats and dogs. :)
I love this! I have a similar story about our Pygmy Goat! ha!