My Favorite Day

Right before my birthday I shared with you all a picture from one of my favorite days.  In that post I mentioned that some day I might tell you why it is one of my favorite days.  
Well, today is your lucky day.  
This supposed day that is one of my 'favorite days' took place during my senior year of college.  It was my last semester and I was swamped with work for my last studio and cap stone classes.  This interior designer was ready to be a real interior designer and was over school.
So what did I do?  I stayed up late the night before and got all of my work done for the weekend.  The next morning I took off and drove three hours to the coast.  Port Lavaca was the closest beach to me, I had never been before, so I hit the road!  
Port Lavaca is a small coastal town with an old lighthouse and some fun downtown shops.  This was truly one of the best days I had that year, and therefore one of my favorite days still to date.  For one day, I was able to forget school.  I was able to forget graduating in a few short weeks.  I was able to forget everything and just be me and enjoy the Lords beauty.
On this day I enjoyed my singleness and independence to it's fullest.  I enjoyed the freedom of no textbooks for the day.  I enjoyed being me and only me, and not having to impress anyone.  
Ultimately, I Enjoyed the Journey.
What is one of your favorite days?
What makes you happy and helps you enjoy the journey?


Anonymous said…
Great pictures! I don't really have a favorite day because I don't have a standard 9 to 5 job, but I guess I kind of like Thursdays. They're the last calm day before all the rush-rush of the weekend starts.
Heidi said…
Beautiful! I can see why you love it so much!
Raeven said…
This is such a great idea. I might do this next time I'm off. :)