Weekend Update

Good Morning and Happy Monday, dear friends!

I had such a blessed weekend that I am busting at the seams to share it with all of you!  This week my weekend started on Thursday(my favorite day) and it was wonderful!  

When my dad and I got home from work my mom and I both asked my dad where he was taking us to dinner.  So guess what, dad took us out to dinner.  We went to Lindsey, about thirty minutes North and had a wonderful dinner at The Smokehouse.  Amazing bbq and such sweet time with the fam!  It's funny, when dad and I were at lunch Thursday afternoon I told him that I barely felt like I had seen him all week.  The sad part to all of that is that we work in the same office and try and carpool as often as possible.

The Lord knows when we need rest and he provides it.  I was in need of rest both mentally and physically after several painfully busy weeks at work and the Lord provided it all weekend.  I slept in and then dad and I went and ran errands.  
When we got home we met up with my mom(who had to work because of the infamous tax deadline fastly approaching) and we packed up our bikes, put on our cycling gear and headed south.  We met up with my brother and extremely soon to be sister-in-love and went for a family bike ride on the Trinity Trail.  If I were a good blogger I would have taken pictures from the beautiful ride to share with you all, but sorry I was too busy riding 12 miles to care at the time.
After our great bike ride we headed to Railhead BBQ in Ft. Worth and ate good!!

Apparently I needed a lot of rest because the Lord provided more sleep in time!  This was the second time I woke up over the weekend to the sound of rain on my window and to a country girl that is music to my ears!!  I spent a busy day around the house catching up from the crazy week I had.  The highlight of the day was when dad and I went to the back side of the property and I got to see all five of our new baby calves.  Adorable!!! 
We spent some quality family time bonding shooting guns and then headed into town to run some errands and do a little shopping.  Mom and dad got new light fixtures and fans for the kitchen and living room and dad took us to On the Border.  While in Kroger we lost dad for a while, and next thing I knew he appeared with a Hazelnut Macchiato... I think I have gotten him addicted .  Ooops...

Easter Sunday!
I woke up so well rested and headed to church with the family in my new Easter dress to celebrate Christ's Resurrection.  After church I got busy in the kitchen and cooked lunch with my mom and then made a chocolate pie and cookies to take to Easter dinner with the family.  
Easter lunch with the family!
We all loaded up and headed to celebrate Easter with my dad's side of the family.  We had a great time and were quite busy with 8 little ones under the age of five(and twins on the way!).

Overall it was such a blessed weekend!  I got some much needed rest, mom and I can eat fruit again because we have officially completed two weeks of our yeast free diet, and I am ready for another week!  God is good and I am thankful for full busy weekends that have his beautiful name written all over them!

Happy New Week!  Happy April!  Happy Spring!
What are you looking forward to this week?


Nic said…
sounds like you had a great weekend and Easter!

Helene said…
yaya for a great easter and for some fruit! haha!
Stephanie said…
Your Easter sounds perfect and delightful :) Thanks for sharing, Lauren! Have a great week.

Anonymous said…
Sounds like a good Easter, friend!
Anonymous said…
Those hazelnut macciatos are good!
I didn't get a chance to make it over and say hi Sunday morning - your dress is adorable!!
Sounds like an amazing weekend! Family time is a gem!