You look in Love

When I was in high school I read several book series by Robin Jones Gunn.  She is a beautifully written Christian author and I have loved every one of her books I have read.

My favorite series of her's is Glenbrooke.  It is in that series that I first got the idea to have different mix-matched antique dishes in my some-day-home(and that was before vintage was "in style").  And it was in that series that I read something I have never forgotten about love.

In book five we meet Shelly, a flight attendant.  Through part of the book we join Shelly in her journey of falling in love again.  One day as Shelly is saying goodbye to the passengers on her flight a man stopped her and says 'he must be one lucky man because you look in love.'  Little did this man know that the one she was in love with and had been falling in love with throughout the entire book was the Lord.

That, my friends, is one beautiful love for our Lord and Savior.  It is such a beautiful thought that the love one can have for the Lord can simply be seen.  That simple line in that book spoke volumes to me then, still does today, and I hope speaks to you as well.

                                                                                                 Source: Angela on Pinterest

My hope and prayer for today is that in my singleness my love for the Lord can grow abundantly.  And one day, Lord willing, if a man ever enters my life he will see that love I have for the Lord.  He will come along side me and join in the love and praise I have for the Lord.

How do you show your love for the Lord?  Through your actions?  Through your words?


Stephanie said…
This was beautiful, my friend! There is an older lady at my church that I admire. Every time I see her, her face if glowing with love for the Lord - I want to radiate with love for Jesus Christ.
Thank you for this lovely post and sweet encouragement!

Hugs to you,
Raeven said…
I love this post. I try valiantly for Christ to be shown in my words and actions, and (since I work in the healthcare field) I pray for my hands to be healing hands for Him. I sincerely hope that a touch or a smile from me can show someone Jesus and His remarkable love.

Maybe that's silly, because I don't sing it from the rooftops, or tell every patient "God bless you," but I want them to feel and know there is something different about me without overwhelming them and feeling fake. I've always thought that actions speak louder than words anyway. :)