Brother Wedding Prep

The morning of my brother's wedding he and I showed up at the hangar early to make sure everything was how it was supposed to be for the big day and be there for the arrival of the air plane.  So like any good sister I decided to snap a few pictures of the morning.

When I told him and his best man to pose for a few photos this is what I got.
I kid you not!  I assumed they would just stand there and give me a good smile.  But I must have not been awake yet, because I know better than that.  Apparently this is how Steven and Matt felt that they needed to prepare for the wedding- silly and all!
This is the actual sequence that these photos were taken in!  What is that you ask?  Was there an actual serious photo taken... later that day when the photographer made them shape up.  But none that this loving sister was able to capture.  And truth be told, these are far better than any posed picture anyways!
And one last picture of the brother and I before we got all gussied up for the ceremony!

So now we have seen The Rehearsal Dinner, The Wedding, and The Wedding Prep, but that's not all, friends!  You better believe there is one more post coming your way showing off my dress for the Rehearsal dinner, my dress for the wedding and those infamous mint heels!!!!!

Until then... Happy Monday!


LOL! I love the pictures of Steven and his best man!! And I love that his shirt says I love Caitlin. And such a sweet picture of you two! I just adore y’alls relationship!
Danavee said…
They are fun! I like unposed, but I know you have to do the obligatory photographer stuff!

Can't wait for MINT HEEEEELLLLS!