Charming House

It's been a while since we had us some Mr. Darcy on this here blog, and I thought it was about time we fix that.  

When I saw this I thought it was extremely humorous for a few reasons (in no particular order):
-I would do the same exact thing, because a. I'm a designer and notice those things and b. I'm awkward too.
-Could you imagine being on the other side of this conversation?!?
-I love me some Mr. Darcy

Yep, that's all I got.  Really, I just love me some Mr. Darcy and thought I would share that love with you all today!  

Keeping it short and sweet today as I wish you a happy weekend!!!
Happy Friday!
Happy Sunshine!
Happy Summer!


Raeven said…
I love Mr. Darcy, too! And this picture is great. Love it.