Confessions of an Interior Designer: O.C.

When I was in college I had a great advantage of having my own personal tutor and encyclopedia just a phone call or text away.  Actually, I had a few tutors just a call away.

Coming from a family with a father as an engineer and an uncle and cousin as architects I was always getting great help on projects.  My dad almost got to where he expected the calls when he knew I would be in the studio all day.  Even my friends and some teachers would have me call him for help!

One of my favorite times that I called my dad was when my friend Renee and I were looking at a floor plan and we had no idea what o.c. stood for.  We were scratching our heads and needed to figure this out.  So we text my dad and what does he say it stands for:  "Oh Crap(the wall is in the wrong place)."

Now we both know this is wrong, and maybe it is just funny to designers, but we lost it!!  Luckily dad followed his text up with what it really stood for and told us 'On Center.'

So you may not be a designer, but you can imagine that it would be an Oh Crap moment if a wall was put in a wrong place!  Luckily, no walls were put in the wrong place that day and we learned a little something.  I love this story and shared it with you all today because it brings back sweet memories from design school and all the help my dad was.

Perhaps I should have known better and knew what O.C. stood for.  Perhaps my dad is just weird.  Or perhaps this is just a Confession of an Interior Designer.


Stephanie said…
Too funny! What your dad said gave me a good laugh :)

Hugs to you!
Haha! Your dad is great!
Danavee said…
HA! All that terminology! But good ole dad comes through!