Happy Memorial Day

Happy Monday and Happy Memorial Day, sweet friends!  

Today I am in the process of editing photos from my wonderful trip to Hilton Head and wanted to share these two with you in honor of today.

Taken from the top of the Harbour Town Lighthouse on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

We are celebrating today with family and friends, and remembering both of my grandfathers that served in WWII.  I am thankful for each of them and for the time that they served for our country.  Even though I don't get to celebrate with them today I am thankful that I get to celebrate with my brother who is an Army veteran.

My thanks go out to all of our military veterans, active military, and military families.
Come back tomorrow for my recap on my amazing trip to Hilton Head Island!!


Ginny Williams said…
I love Hilton Head. What a beautiful harbor. It is such a beautiful place. I'm a North Carolina gal but there are so many great beaches and natural sites to visit in every state on the east coast. Great photos!