Hilton Head Island

A few weeks ago my great friend and travel buddy, Katie, and I headed out for another great trip!  With Hawaii (part 1, part 2) being our last trip, we weren't quite ready for another week long trip.  So we headed to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina for a long weekend. 
We arrived in Savannah Thursday afternoon and took our time getting to the resort (above on the right).  As soon as we got on the island it was everything we expected and knew we were in for a treat for the weekend!  Once we got unpacked, we headed out to the beach and snapped some photos.  Before dinner (which we ate on a golf course), we explored the island a bit more and got even more excited for the next few days. 
 For our first full day in the area, we actually went back into Savannah to explore and most importantly eat at The Lady and Sons.  Yes, Paula Deen's amazing restaurant (next three photos below)!  The food was even better than I could have imagined and you better believe there will be a post just about it coming real soon!  Read about it here!
After our amazing lunch we took a trolley tour of Savannah and hoped on the Old Savannah Tours trolleys.  It was a 90 minute tour around the city and such a great way to see the city and all the 'highlights' in one afternoon.  Katie and I really enjoyed the tour and definitely recommend it!  We thought it was a great use of our time and we got to see some amazing architecture- which I loved!  
Below are a few photos around Savannah. 
On Saturday morning, Katie and I rose at 6 am to see the sun rise.  Since we were staying on the beach we knew we had to take advantage of the beauty and the sunrise did not disappoint!  It was a beautiful morning spent with the Lord enjoying his beauty!
Later that morning my mom's college roommate and childhood best friend, Claudia, picked Katie and I up and we headed out on her boat with her husband, Mark.  To say it was one of the highlights of the trip would be an understatement!  We had an amazing time.  
Claudia, Mark and I at Palmetto Bluffs where we ate lunch.
Buffalos where we ate lunch at Palmetto Bluffs.
We took their boat for a cruise around the island and out into the ocean a bit then ended up at Palmetto Bluffs for lunch.  We ate at Buffalos and it was wonderful.  The scenery was amazing and the beautiful chapel above and below was just across the street.  It was so much fun to just tie up the boat and walk up the dock to this beautiful plantation area for an amazing lunch!
From Palmetto Bluffs we headed over the Bluffton on the boat and explored the beautiful community there.  Below are a few pictures of an amazing church right on the water.  The church was built in 1854 and absolutely breath taking.

One of my favorite things that we did was rent bikes and explore our part of the island.  We were able to get them from the resort we were staying at and it worked out great.  We rode around the area we were at, stopped at the local general store for some Icees and then finished our ride on the beach.
Our last big thing we did before leaving the island was visiting the Harbour Town Lighthouse on Sunday morning.  It was beautiful and the view from the top was absolutely breath taking.  It was a great way to end the weekend with one final moment to soak in the beauty of Hilton Head! 

View from the top of the lighthouse. 
Katie and I had an amazing time in Hilton Head and I am so blessed to have had another opportunity to get away and see more of our beautiful country.  I know that Hilton Head will be a definite repeat trip sometime in the future!   


Stephanie said…
Oh I am so jealous :) How fun and exciting. Your pictures were amazing to look at so I can only imagine how wonderful it was to actually be there seeing everything in person. I love, love, LOVE the church built in 1854. And I have to say your scarf in the last picture of you and Katie is just too pretty :) Thanks for sharing and have a great week.

Hugs to you!
holli said…
That church is amazing! What a great time. I wish you could put me in your pocket on these trips.
Unknown said…
I got to spend four days at Fripp Island & we spent a day in Charleston, I loved the history back there. The hospitality of those southern women is amazing! Loved the pictures, glad you shared with us so we can enjoy the view. I live in Northern California, where we have lots of mountains & trees but I love the beach.
You are so adorable! I love all of these pictures. Looks like you both had a great time!! Thanks for sharing and letting me live vicariously through your trip!!