Wedding Day

Yesterday I posted about the rehearsal dinner we hosted a few weeks ago for my brother and now sister-in-law's wedding. It was a beautiful weekend and I was so blessed to get to spend it with some of my amazing family and friends.

We started our morning at home just the four of us and it was such a blessing. Mom and I made homemade donuts and Steven and dad helped us devour them. When we were younger we use to make donuts quite a bit, but it had been several years since we last made them.  We all loved them and they brought back some really sweet memories on our last morning as just the four of us.
Mid morning Steven and I headed to the hangar for any last minute set up items and to get Steven settled and ready for the big day. At one point someone asked me if I needed any help and I just told them that I was there to take care of Steven and make sure he was taken care of that day.  And that was my goal for the day!  (there I am below on the left!!  thanks Elisabeth for the great photos!)
Steven was like a little kid when the plane arrived that would be the background for the ceremony. His good friend flew in and would be the one to fly them out at the end of the night. After getting the plane perfectly centered for the ceremony Steven went and got dressed and I went and got ready with all of the girls. When it was time for Steven to tie his bow tie his best man and great childhood friend, Matt, came and got me so I could bring the big mirror in from the girl's room. I walked in and asked Steven if he had ever tied a bow tie before and his exact words were "I watched a YouTube video once." Which apparently made him a pro. He did a great job after the fourth try and it was so much fun to see him in his green bow tie and green Converse for the ceremony.

I'm supposed to tell you about how beautiful the bride was, and believe me she was gorgeous! But I must tell you that my big brother looked gooooood! Even before he met Caitlin he knew he wanted to wear a green bow tie and green Converse and they went great with his new grey suit. Steven looked so happy on his big day and his big smile just added to his wonderful outfit.
I got ready with all of the girls and Caitlin and it was so fun to be with them. It was hard to believe how quickly 3 o'clock came and it was time to walk down the 'aisle'. Caitlin's sisters and I wore grey dresses that we got to choose and I loved mine. It was comfortable and I paired it with a great pair of mint heels that I am still in love with!

When it was my turn to walk down the aisle Steven and I had seen each other dressed, but we both started tearing up. Tears of joy, but tears never-the-less. As I got to him at the end of the aisle before I went to my 'spot' I shared one last sweet moment with my brother and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.
The ceremony was beautiful and such a sweet time for not only Steven and Caitlin but our families as well. It was a ceremony centered around the Lord's love and Steven and Caitlin's love for each other.

The reception was great and so much fun! My favorite part was the Italian Soda bar and it was such a hit. Caitlin got Huckleberry syrup per my request and it was so yummy! Thanks, sis!  The food was fruit and different cheeses- yes, please! My other favorite part was getting to see all of my family and friends that I had not seen in a while.
After all of the dancing, cake cutting, and celebrating Steven and Caitlin flew away and it was so beautiful! It was a day that our family will always remember and never forget. I am so happy for Steven and Caitlin and can't wait to hear all about their trip to Greece!

All pictures courtesy of the lovely Elisabeth Carol Photography.


CWY said…
What a perfect wedding! So beautiful & so fun! Thanks for sharing!
How great that you four got to spend some time together and share some family traditions!! What beautiful pictures!! You look gorgeous, friend. And I love your shoes. And the bride is stunning!! And yes, your brother looks so happy. What a joyous smile! You and Steven are such sweet siblings. I have tears rolling down my cheeks reading this!!
withCaitlin said…
What a lovely post! I didn't hear about the tearful hug you and Steven shared at the ceremony until yesterday and I love the sound of it!! I can hardly wait to see the video of the ceremony!
See you soon, sister!!
Stephanie said…
Aw...too cute!! The pictures are so dreamy and I LOVE the colors :) Your sister-in-law is absolutely beautiful!

Thanks for sharing, Lauren!

Hugs to you!
Helene said…
wow, what a beautiful happy day!
Logan Cantrell said…
I LOVE her bouquet! What a beautiful wedding. Congratulations to your family!
Danavee said…
Loooove the bridesmaid dresses and shoes! Beautiful everything!