Yeast Free

One month and one week before my brother's wedding my mom and I were talking and she was saying how she wanted to lose some more weight before the big day and just wasn't getting the results she wanted.  So I recommend trying a Yeast Free diet after reading about such great results that Danielle had from it.

We thought it sounded like a good idea, and the more we looked into it we were on board. So we started on a Sunday morning and were in it for the next month.

For the first two weeks we ate vegetables, meat, nuts, and eggs.  I missed fruits, and sweet tea those first two weeks.  After the first two weeks, we got to introduce fruits again and let me just tell you that my first strawberry was the sweetest thing I have ever had.

We got use to the diet a lot faster than I thought we would.  It was a true success and we both did really well on it. Mom lost 7 pounds and I lost 8 pounds.  We both feel great and I'm really happy with the results.  The belt has moved to the next notch and now I have to hold on to my skirts.

One of my favorite things about the diet was all the cooking we did.  It reminded me how much I like to cook and how I use to cook when I was in college.  This will definitely be kept up!

The biggest thing that I noticed from the diet, other than feeling great, was the amount of processed foods that we weren't eating.  I am allergic to soy and sesame and let me tell you, they are in everything.  It is hard to find processed foods that don't have either of those ingredients in them.  So while we were strictly on the diet I had no processed foods, and guess what... you can live with out that granola bar or bag of chips mid afternoon at the office.  I did, and could definitely feel the difference of not having the things I am allergic to in my food at all.

Now that our strict month of the diet is over my plan is to keep it up during the week as much as possible and be more lenient on the weekends.  Not go crazy, but not deprive myself of a bit of something sweet if need be.

Huge shout out to Danielle for all the support and tips along our journey.


Anonymous said…
I need to try something like this!
Helene said…
awesome girl!!! congrats, i really wish i could do this but i just love food i guess processed food. i know, i'm bad.
Woo hoo! Nice job. I'm on my 2nd week of no carbs!!