You Want More

Dear AT&T,
This could have been me in another life.  Since the appearance of your lovely commercials with Beck Bennett multiple people have told me that this commercial reminded them of me when I was little.  Not the talkative little girl part, but the girl in a frilly dress with matching headband and wavy brown hair.  Yep, that part!    

I am not complaining, but rather just bringing this to your attention.  In hindsight, some more originality would be appreciated.  This might as well have been one of my grade school picture outfits!  And from what I gathered from Christa's post last week, she is tired of this little gem.

Sincerely, Lauren

Dear Readers,
If you want to know what I looked like when I was little, just imagine this girl with more freckles and a Texan accent.  I kid you not, at my brother's wedding I had multiple people tell me that this commercial reminds them of me.  Later that night when it came on when my parents and I were watching tv we almost fell out of our chairs because we were laughing so hard!

What?  You want more, too?  Well maybe one of these days some proof of this accusation will appear on the blog for a little Throwback Thursday.  Until then, just use your imagination!

Yours Truly! -Lauren


Danavee said…
The mister and I love these commercials. My favorite is the candy island one! "What would the animals be made of?"
Angela said…
I am sure I have seen that you are an interior designer before when I have stopped by, but maybe it stuck out to me tody because my hubs and I just bought a house! yay! But now figuring out how to take all my pinterest ideas and make them real. Any advice?
Really? How cool! I love this commercial :)) Can't wait to see your picture!
Bahah!! I knew which commercial you were talking about but I hadn't ever paid close enough attention. You aren't kidding! This kid could be your daughter!