Enjoying the Journey

It's all in the name.

When I started this blog of mine I loved the quote "Life isn't about the destination, it's about enjoying the journey", and really thought it applied to my life and the transitions I was in at the time.

As Enjoying the Journey has grown and I have grown not just as a blogger, but as a woman I feel that the title means so much more to me now.  It started out as a simple quote that I wrote out with some Scrabble letters and truth be told the Lord took it from there.  
At the beginning of this blog Enjoying the Journey meant transitions to me.  The change from college to 'the real world'.  The change from apartment life to moving back to the ranch.  The change from being on my own to relying on my parents daily again.  

As the journey has evolved so has this blog and so have my relationships with the blogging community.  Just like almost every other blogger I could have never imagined the amazing relationships I would have made along the way.  I have met some amazing women.  Mothers, single ladies, married ladies, interior designers, Christians,  Texans, and so many more amazing women I never would have met in my small town.   

And then over night it seems that this blog has become something I never would have imagined it would have been.  It has become a place to share my travels, a place to share my career, a place to share my faith, and most importantly a place to share my hopes and dreams.  Thankfully it has become a safe place for not only me to blog, but for my readers to share.  

I enjoy the journey daily and am so thankful that I have this blog to share it with you, my readers and friends!  Thank you for reading each and everyday and for growing this blog with me.  I do not know what this journey has in store for me or my blog, and truth be told I am hopeful that the Lord is clearing a path for me.  


You know it's crazy the changes we are all always working through...can't imagine doing any of it without the hope and peace of the Lord with me!

Such a great post! I can definitely relate. So happy that I found you in this blogging community, friend!