Hello sweet friends,
As some of you may or may not know I was blessed to have grown up on a beautiful ranch in North Texas.  After college I moved back home to the ranch and am so happy to call it home again.  Everyday it is a blessing to live here and such a sweet reminder of the Lord's beauty every morning and night when I get to enjoy the gorgeous views of the sun.

A few nights ago I went outside to feed the horse and two steps out the door I went back in to get my camera.  I was absolutely in awe of the beautiful golden light coming from the west and knew I had to try my best to capture it. 

I put the horse on hold and headed through the gate to go take some photos.  Silly me, I thought I would only take about ten pictures or so, but the longer I was out there the beautiful golden light just became brighter. 

Not too long ago I heard someone talking about the golden light that comes two times a day.  I knew exactly what that light was, but I jumped at the chance to capture it once again at my home in that wonderful light.  I tried a few new things with my camera and am thrilled with the results.

It is such a blessing to get to see this beautiful picture the Lord provides every night and I am so happy to get to share it with you today!


Helene said…
wow, these are truly incredible! so gorgeous!
Lauren Alexis said…
those pictures are beautiful! just found you through Texas Women Bloggers! so glad to find another Lauren from North Texas :)
CWY said…
So beautiful!
I love that you grew up on a Ranch! That’s just awesome. And you are right, the Lord’s beauty shines through. And not much beats that “golden” view. Breathtakingly beautiful!! You got such great pictures!!!