I'll have an Orange and a Twix

When I was in college I spent three sweet summers and many weekends through out the school years working at Pine Cove Christian camp.  It is funny to me after all that time at camp and the many summer days what memories stick out the most in my memory to this day.

Many of my favorite memories have to do with food.  Story of my life!  Two of my favorites have to do with Oranges and Twix bars.

My first summer at Pine Cove one of my good friends had the third grade boys one week and they were the most adorable seven boys I have ever met.  Each night at snack time all of the boys would get an orange.  But the more I got to know them I quickly learned that none of them knew how to peel an orange.  So each night at snack time the boys would get oranges and I would peel them.  At the time it was such a little thing, but such a sweet memory because I so enjoyed my time with those boys.

My last summer at Pine Cove I worked in and ran the camp store.  It was such a joy to be in there everyday and I so loved the wranglers and crew that would help me out in the afternoons with the store rush.  At the end of the crazy rush one of my favorite things to do was sit on the back counter with one of the girls and split a Twix bar.  Again, another little thing, but something that turned out to be such a sweet part of my ministry running that store.  It was always right before dinner when we would have those Twix, but it never once made me think twice about 'ruining my dinner'.  It was a sweet time that I got to minister to those beautiful ladies and at Pine Cove one-on-one time is always valuable like that.

Those little snacks are such sweet memories to me.  Every time my hands smell of oranges after peeling one or I sit down to eat a Twix I think of those wonderful summers.  I thank God for those times and for the little snacks that were such a big part of my ministry at camp.


Nothing like a good memory!! Thanks for sharing.