This post has been several years in the making and when I saw this last post on Pinterest it was the icing on the cake and I knew it HAD to be done.  You are welcome!

I must say this is the most random post I have written and will probably ever write.  There is a slight chance that no one else will get this post at all, but hey, who cares at the end of the day as long as I am laughing it is well worth it!

So this all started out at my last job.  My company worked with another large brand name and one of the guys we worked with from that brand was named Kevin.  He was impossible to work with.  You could be having the best day ever and as soon as your phone would ring and it would be Kevin, you were guaranteed for said good day to be no more!

Out of a much needed break one day in the office after dealing with Kevin all day I remembered from the night before that I had just watched a movie and one of the characters in it was named Kevin.  I reminded the other designers of this coincidence and from then on every time we talked to Kevin this was what image we had in our heads.
Thank you The Proposal for this gem!

A few months later I saw another gem of a movie and there was another Kevin in it.  So you know exactly who I thought of!!  
The Bird!
Thank you Pixar for this gem and making a great Kevin!

So my third Kevin story was found while perusing Pinterest.  I recently just got a fish of my own so I was intrigued as to the fish pin I saw.  The more I kept reading the louder I kept laughing(yes, Helene, I was at work).  And the more I kept laughing the more I loved that Kevin is a Jerk.
I hope that this little gem of a post has brought a smile to your face, because I know it did mine!  
Happy Friday, sweet friends!


Stephanie said…
haha - thanks for the laugh, Lauren :) Have a great weekend!

I too am sitting at my desk at work (enjoying my craving inspired bowl of ramen noodles) and laughing so hard!!
holli said…
That last one is so funny about Kevin and Neal being jerks (fish).
Helene said…
hahahaha that is pretty awesome, "kevin is a jerk" maybe it's just all the kevins?
Marlen said…
hahahah I love all the Kevin jokes you have running! And the time out tank one in particular is HILARIOUS. I love that he has "deep seeded prejudice"- amazing.

xo Marlen
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