The Dresses

My big brother got married a few weeks over a month ago, and now that we have talked all about the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, and my brother getting ready so it is time to talk about my dresses!

I got two great dresses for the weekend and I loved them both so much! My dress(on the left) for the Rehearsal dinner was very different than anything else that I currently have in my closet. The print was outside of the box for me and I am so happy I convinced myself to get it!  It was a great find at Dress Barn, and even though I have yet to wear it again since the big day I am looking forward to wearing it again hopefully soon!
My dress for the wedding(on the right and below) was perfect for the big day and comfortable to be in all day. I loved the fit and look of it but my favorite part of my outfit was my mint heels. Caitlin told us she wanted us to wear grey dresses and pastel heels and when I saw the dress and heels I fell in love with them.

The best part of both of these outfits is that they can easily be worn again, and you better believe I will find a reason to wear those fabulous mint heels again!  For now this is the end of the wedding posts, but I am not making any promises that you will never see these pictures again... just my disclaimer for not being called out in the future for using them over and OVER!


Love love love all of these!! Those mint shoes, ahh, just adore them!
Tami Rebekah said…
So so so cute!!! Just love it all!
I hadn't seen the rehearsal dinner dress - super cute (as is the grey dress!)! :)
Danavee said…
Hot, HOT, HOTTTT!!!! You look great in both of them!!!!!!!!

And those shoes. Minty perfection!!!
Stephanie said…
The dresses are beautiful! I absolutely LOVE the bright print dress - the color looks amazing on you! And I know I already said this a while ago, but those shoes are perfection :)

Hugs to you!
Both are beautiful!
ps: I'm going to NEOCON for the first time next week and I'm so excited! I figured you would understand haha
Love both of your dresses!! And your green heels with your gray dress!!! LOVE!!! (But those heels!!) ;)