Life as of Late

Hello All,
Things have been a little crazy/busy/lazy lately and I thought I would catch you all up.  Work has been great lately with great projects, just long hours.  I have not been motivated to boot up my computer in the evenings after I have been on one at the office non stop all day already.  I could tell you many other things I have been up to lately, but let's get real.  Honestly, it is summer in Texas and we have been enjoying the beautiful weather!  Evenings have been spent walking with my mom and spending time on the ranch with my dad, and weekends have been spent at peach orchards, lavender farms, baseball games, and so much more.

-Over the weekend the family and I headed up north a little bit to the Red River Peach Orchard and Lavender Ridge Farms.  We had an amazing time and I enjoyed picking more peaches than we could ever eat and eating lavender cheesecake!!

-I see peach pound cake, peach ice cream, and peach cobbler in my near future!

-I got a fish.  His name is Jack!  He likes to hang out in his yellow submarine!

-Go Rangers!

-My dog is just as crazy as ever.  I am starting think that my Instagram account is really her's.

-To be honest again, I have been in a bit of a funk lately.  A funk of singleness.  I am so thankful for my best friend that I can be my strongest with and my most vulnerable with.  She listens to me even when I don't know I need to vent and is always there for me!

-Have you seen this commercial?  Guess what day it is?  HUMP DAY!!!

Happy Monday!  Happy New Week!  Happy Summer Time!


Stephanie said…
Busy, busy, busy :) So nice to hear from you and peach cobbler sounds so good right now. So you got a fish? How we get to "meet" him? Have a lovely Monday, sweet friend.