Realities of Singleness: Which are rarely spoken

As most of you know I am a single lady.  I blog about it quite often and truly view it as a blessing.  But just like any other single out there we all have our struggles and insecurities with this chapter.

Like I said, I am truly thankful for my singleness and see it as a blessing.  It is in my singleness that I have graduated from college in four years, have a growing relationship with my parents, bought my dream car, landed an amazing job, have been privileged to travel, and so much more.  I have discussed all of that before, and probably will again someday.  However, today I am here to share and discuss with you some singleness realities that are rarely spoken.

1.  For starters, I love my life and am happy.  It seems that most people in relationships(married or nor) forget that you can be happy and single at the same time.  Maybe your happiness has changed, but mine is still mine and I AM happy.  

2.  Every time we are together (ie: hanging out with friends and family) we do not need to talk about how I am still single.  Don't worry, I didn't forget and if the situation ever changes I will let you know.

3.  It is hard being single.  There... I said it.  Even though I choose to see it as a blessing it is still hard.  It just seems that some people forget this as soon as they put a ring on it.
4. Rejection.  It is a harsh reality and is never talked about.  This can cause pain, especially when you are not even expecting it.  It is received in many forms from the guy that says he just wants to be friends to the guy that never even notices you when you noticed him.  To some degree you can accept this as weeding out all the ones you are not meant yo be with, but at the end of the day rejection is hard.

5. Single is not just a relationship status it also shows how strong enough a person is to enjoy life without depending on others. via

6.  One of the ways that singleness is hard is that the first step you take to be on your own is hard.  People doubt you, don't know why you are doing it, and think that they shouldn't be done by a single woman.  I believe it is called Independence.  


I just shot over here from Mason's Mama! ... I think I needed to read this. I'm currently single and I have a ton of struggles with it. Mostly, it'd be nice to spend time and experience things with someone else. Rejection sucks but at the same time, as you said we need to remind ourselves that we're strong and we can do it!
Stephanie said…
Oh sweet friend, thank you for your honesty! I'm not really sure what to say except that God has the perfect plan, but you, dear Lauren, already know that :) Thinking of you!

Love and hugs!
I love your #5! It says a lot and is very true! You have strength that a lot of married & coupled people (myself included) don't have or know how to find. Love you!