THE Coffee Table

I am so happy to be sharing my 'new' beautiful coffee table with you!  This table has been a labor of love and a long time in the making at the Nelson household.  To just tell you how long in the making this has been, on my 23rd birthday, I'm now 24, my parents asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday weekend and I said antiquing and moving going.  So that is exactly what we did.  We went antiquing at some great stores near my house and then headed to the movies.

In the back of my mind I kept thinking about all of the great stained glass windows I had seen that day, and with the great prices I couldn't believe I had passed them up.  Later that week I saw a coffee table online where they used an old clear glazed window for a coffee table and I knew I had to go back to get me some windows!  This now justified the purchase and I was set!  So in late January of 2012 dad and I walked out like proud parents with our two beautiful stained glass windows.
A few months later I came up with the design that I wanted for the table.  And the worst best part of the whole thing was that I even drew it up in Sketch Up so I could make sure dad knew exactly what I had in mind.  At the time I was working for another company and I had gotten some furniture legs while cleaning out and knew they would be perfect for this project, and they were free!

Dad and I got our game plan together and headed out to get our lumber for the coffee table.  We were both so excited.  We got home and for several weeks worked on cutting the pieces and sanding everything.  His theory on sanding, which he got from his father, is when you think you have it smooth enough- keep sanding!  So as you can imagine I sanded A LOT!  There were some days that I would be so covered in saw dust that dad would have to blow me off with the air compressor before I could go back in the house.  What does all that mean to me?  Quality bonding time with dad that I did not take for granted!
We sanded, we constructed, and the Texas summer hit and we stopped working on it.  The shell got put in the corner of the shop and was not touched again until the spring.  I did sand down the windows and help dad get about eighty thousand coats of paint off of them in the mean time, but not much more happened.  Now my biggest dilemma was what color to stain all the wood.  If you grew up as a Nelson then you know you DO NOT paint good wood, and we didn't.

I searched forever for a white stain and finally found exactly what I was looking for at the local hardware store in Sanger.  The stain for the legs and base of the inside were easy because I knew I wanted dark.  From there I handed it over to dad so he could stain all the wood and windows.

A little over a year later it was finished and I have been loving looking at it every day since!  To say I am thrilled with the final outcome would be an understatement.  This was such a sweet project and I am thrilled that not only is it beautiful, but most importantly I built it with my dad!  He taught me more about wood working, he taught me how to put the slats in the bottom, and it was all quality time spent. I have said over and over again on this blog that I am going to enjoy this singleness stage of my life and it is moments like that and memories like this table that will stick with me from this chapter of my life.  Today I am beyond thankful for my singleness because I got to spend so much quality time with my dad creating this table that I wouldn't have had were I in a serious relationship or another chapter of life.

Thanks dad for the beautiful table and the fun memories!  
What do you think of the table?  Do you love it, or do you love it?


Danavee said…
SO COOL! One of a kind (my favorite) and vintage!!!! What are prices for windows like that down there? Here they are $50 and up!
Anonymous said…
This coffee table is beautiful!!!

I learned something new... I had no idea white stain existed! I thought that was paint until reading otherwise!

Do you ever store anything inside? It's so beautiful, I'd be afraid to put anything in it :)
Helene said…
wow i love it!! that is so cool!!
WOW!!! It came out so good. You two are talented!!
Stephanie said…
Oh I love this!! So unique and creative :) Hope you are doing well and have a great 4th of July.

It's beautiful!! I can't wait to see it in person! We need a girls night soon!!
Amanda said…
I love that table!