And things are still changing

One year ago today I came to all of you with a tender heart and hopeful spirits as I shared with you that I had lost my job.  The title of that post was Changes of ALL Kinds, and I wonder how differently that post would have sounded had I known then what I know now.

Then, I knew a few things.
-I had no job
-I had supportive parents that would help me as long as it took to find my next job
-I served a mighty God
-My world was being turned upside down
-I was sad

Now, I know a few more things.
-I have a great job
-I still have the most supportive parents ever
-I still serve a mighty God that loves me even though I don't deserve it
-Having my world turned upside down was the best thing that ever happened to me
-Driving an hour one way to work is NOT worth it
-I AM happy
Things that I know now that would have changed my outlook a year ago.
-My job does not define me
-When in doubt go to the beach. Theory tested: 1,2&3
-If you don't stand up for yourself then who will?
-Fight for what yo believe in(different from above)
-Work hard to serve the Lord and everyday will be worth it

I am so very thankful that the Lord has not given me the life I thought I needed or deserved.  We serve such a mighty God and even though his path for us is not always evident, it is far more beautiful than we could ever imagine.

Many thanks go out to my family and friends for all of their support over the last year, and to all of my amazing blogging friends.  It was with that post one year ago I really felt the love and support from the blogging community and I cannot thank you all enough.

I have no idea what the next year entails, and I am so excited to Enjoy the Journey with you all walking side by side with a mighty God!

**Pictures taken at the Red River Peach Orchard a few weeks ago**


Stephanie said…
Your post was such a blessing to read, dear Lauren. Our God is so good to us and even when we can't see what is going to happen, our God does and He has the very best planned for us :)

Have a beautiful day.

Hugs & Love! I have a feeling this next year will be full of blessings & exciting changes!! :)
Great post! And you are so right.