Confessions of an Interior Designer: Colors

My dream job in life would be to own a bakery and serve coffee and yummy treats to people all day long.  To be intentional with everything I do and serve others not just cupcakes, but love and friendship.

My second dream job would be to design interiors all day long, work with a great group of people, get to be on job sites and love what I do.  CHECK!

My third dream job would be to name paint colors!
But seriously!  As I have been working this week I have been laughing at all the paint colors I have come across.  And today is your lucky day because I am going to share them with you!

Moody Blue
White Duck
Bittersweet Stem
and the list goes on...

Perhaps I am crazy and just need to stick with my day job.  Perhaps this would actually be the most boring job ever.  Or perhaps this is just a Confession of an Interior Designer.


ah for serious! or name the different fabric lines and color ways!
Stephanie said…
Wow, what happen to simple paint colors...I think you could definitely make a living at naming paints :) Have a great day! Hugs