Even When the Sun Goes Down

This is and will always be my favorite spot on the ranch.
The night before The Declare Conference I was in my room painting my nails and watching Franklin and Bash just minding my own business.  The house phone rang and since my mom was washing dishes I answered, and let me tell you this is a rare occasion because it is never for me so I never answer it.  I digress...  On the other end of the phone was dear ol' dad.  He was on the back side of the property with a flat, and needed some more blocks to put under the jack to get the truck high enough.

So mom and I loaded up in the golf cart with plenty of blocks, just in case, and headed to go find him and April.  Keep in mind, with wet nails!!  I must tell you, I have never seen a little girl so excited to see me as when we showed up.  We call April, my dog, our head of ranch security and you could tell she had been exploring while waiting.  It was extremely evident that she was excited to see me when she drank over half of my bottle of water.

As we supervised dad as he changed the tire, I looked west and was in awe of the view.  Normally this is my favorite view of the property because the sun sets right over that hill, but for some reason right after dusk it was particularly beautiful to me the other night.

I am sure you are like me and you have plenty of friends that go 'home' for visits several times a year, and maybe even you do.  They have probably been blowing up your Instagram feed or Facebook with all of their beautiful pictures while on their visits.  I always enjoy seeing my friends 'home' even if it is just in a small square photo on my phone, but that night I realized how thankful and fortunate I am that I still live at home.  Even though I am moving, I will still be on the ranch and no words can express how thankful I am for that.  

If you are from Texas then I am sure you have heard the very familiar Dairy Queen commercials when they say what they like about Texas.  Well friends, 
This is what I like about Texas!  


Stephanie said…
There is definitely nothing quite like home :) Sweet post, Lauren. I hope your week is going well. Hugs!
What a view!! And I agree with you…I love seeing pictures of people’s “home”. And I’m right there with you – that’s what I LOVE about Texas!!!! Great post friend!
Amanda said…
Beautiful!! How big is y'all's ranch? Where is it located? Yay for moving!!
Aleshea said…
Ohh, girl. I'm so jelly of your view