So I didn't originally post about the fourth, but now that I have seen the great fireworks shots I got I feel that I must!  For the fourth we had a casual day and went to UNT to watch the fireworks that evening with some of our closest friends.  We all brought our dogs, food and drinks, blankets, and enjoyed the beautiful Texas weather!

When the sun set we had the perfect view of the firework show and I was stoked to try out my camera on my phone to see how it would perform.  Little did I know, the rapid shot option was great!  It took six shots in a row and got some really cool views of the balls of fire!  Enjoy!

We had such a great time that night and I am so happy that I got some great shots to share with you all!!  


Danavee said…
Great photos! Way better than my phone pics!!!
Fabulous pictures, friend!