Livestrong Challenge

LIVESTRONG seeks to inspire and empower people affected by cancer.

If your family is anything like mine then your has been affected by cancer too.  Some of us are blessed to say that we have family members that have overcome the challenges that cancer brings and they are healthy once again and still will us, and others have not been so fortunate and have lost a loved one.  Fighting cancer can't be done alone, and neither can raising awareness.

I am so proud to share with all of you that my father is going to be riding in the Livestrong Challenge in Austin on October 20th to raise awareness.  And this is not just some short little ride, this is in the hill country of Texas and sixty-five miles.  So how can you help support him?

As he says, there are three options:
1. "Get your bike off the racks in your garage, get it tuned up and join me."  Yeah right, dad!

2. "Get your billfold out and go to his Livestrong page and donate."  No donation is too small and every dollar counts!

3.  Pray for him as he trains, as we travel to Austin for the ride, and as he rides sixty-five miles.

I pray that you will join April and I as we support our daddy!
Hop on over to his Livestrong page and learn more about this great cause!


Stephanie said…
What a wonderful thing for your dad to participate in this race - bless him! I will certainly be praying for him. Would love to join him, but living in a different state makes it a little difficult :)

Hugs to you, sweet friend!
Wow! I can't fathom biking that distance, but I'm not on a good terms with my bicycle either. She's mad at me for having flat tires, and I'm mad at her for there being no sidewalks to bike on. LOL I will be praying!