Realities of Singleness: The Single Woman

I came across this beautiful blog a few days ago on Twitter and wanted to share it with all of you.  It is specifically directed toward single women, but I think any woman can get something out of it.  

This blog is constant encouragement for not only single women, but for all women.  It shows you not only how to love the life you have, but how to make the most of it.  

Since I am still very new to this site I am slowly making my way through the great posts that I have missed.  Here are a few of my favorites so far from The Single Woman:

Your Happily Ever After Won't Look Like Everyone Else's

This is so beautiful for so many reasons.  In this post Mandy was able to capture the very words that I attempted to capture in my most recent singleness post.  This article may seem a bit long, but hold on until the end because that is when the good, juicy stuff comes!  
"And somewhere along the way, amidst all the loss and tears and triumph and tragedy and joy and pain and laughter and transformation and restoration and lessons and love and LIFE…you realize that the true meaning of it all isn't to settle for merely a Happy Ending…but to hold out for a Happy Everything."

I absolutely love that!  My happy ending may look different than yours, but it is the happy everything that we should strive for!

When was the last time you danced in the rain?  I love analogies, and the more visual they are the better, so I absolutely loved this post!  

This great post emphasizes the joy and importance in taking every moment in life and looking for the beauty in it.  

"I’m starting to think the darkest, rainiest, most heartbreaking moments of life also hold some of the most precious, joyful, beautiful moments of life. The rain reminds us that we’re human. The dark reminds us of our light. And the heartbreak reminds us that we’re ALIVE." 

I can think of no better way to reiterate that!  

An Open Letter to Single Women, from an Anonymous Single Man

The title alone tells you that you are in for a treat!  My two favorite points of this post are:

1.  "Make sure the juice is worth the squeeze."  I am guilty of the points he makes for that.  A relationship should be equal parts and not the woman doing 110% for the man's 10%(or vise versa).

2. "Singleness is a gift."  I have said this before and it is always a blessing to hear it from someone else!  

These are just a few of my favorites from Mandy's blog and I encourage you to stop by her blog and ready some more beautiful insightful words!!  

**All opinions and comments are my own.  I was not asked to review this blog or compensated for my comments.  I just really like this site and wanted to share it with you all.  All blog posts and content referred to are property of**