Tea Cup Exchange

When my beautiful friend Stephanie announced that she was going to be hosting a tea cup exchange I was thrilled and signed up the moment I heard.  Unfortunately, I haven't always had the best experiences with exchanges, but I just knew this one would be different and I am thrilled to say it was great!  
I was blessed to receive my tea cup from Julie at Idyllhours.  She gave me a beautiful vintage tea cup and I am so thrilled to add it to my collection.  Normally I collect mugs (like these two from Stephanie), but this delicate tea cup is just beautiful so it will happily be displayed in my home when I am not sipping tea from it!  

When I started looking for the perfect spot to take pictures of my beautiful tea cup I could think of no better place than by my granmom's lamp.  They complimented each other so well and not only am I thrilled to share my vintage tea cup with you, but I also got to share my family's vintage lamp with you all today. 
 Many thanks go out to Stephanie for hosting such a great link up and to Julie for such a beautiful gift!
Now I'm off to enjoy a spot of tea!


Julie Marie said…
So happy you liked your teacup Lauren... and thank you so much for the sweet card I received in my mail yesterday... it's so nice meeting new blogger friends... your granmom's hurricane lamp is just beautiful... and I am sure it carries many sweet memories along with it... enjoy your spot of tea and wishing you a blissful day... xoxo Julie Marie
Stephanie said…
What a lovely tea cup, Lauren! Julie Marie is a very sweet and special lady so I knew she would take good care of you :) I love the way you took the photos with your Grandmother's lamp! Thanks for joining, my friend :) You are more than welcome to come link up your pretty tea cup on my blog.

Hugs to you!
So pretty!! We should have a tea party! I don't know how to go about having an adult tea party, but I think it sounds like fun!! :)
Vee said…
How perfect it looks there in that vintage corner!
Anonymous said…
So pretty. I love this exchange. I was assigned to send mine to Julie Marie. :) She's lovely.
I like mugs too. I gave away all my teacups long ago, but had one more I could give away and this was perfect...made room for a new one from a new bloggy friend.
Was nice visiting with you, Lauren.
Debbie Harris said…
Hello Lauren, What a beautiful teacup you recieved from Julie Marie! It looks very nice next to your grand mothers lamp. I too joined the exchange though I do not have a blog. I am Stephanie's mother, so have had the privilige of meeting you lovely ladies through her blog.

Blessings to you!
Libby said…
It is a lovely teacup. I even loved how it was packaged together. Enjoy!
Anonymous said…
Lauren, your tea cup looks perfect next to your grandmother's lamp! The packaging is adorable too!
Lady Linda said…
What a perfect match for your very lovely lamp! So glad you had a good experience with the exchange...so fun.
Thanks for sharing, nice to meet you.
Sherri B. said…
The cup is a perfect match for your lamp like Lady Linda said and even the wall paper. Isn't this so much fun meeting everyone and seeing the treasures..Enjoy! xo
Unknown said…
I mostly just use mugs too. But I have teacups all over the house for decor. And sometimes I do just feel like sipping from a teacup. Your new one is so pretty. I loved this exchange. I have met so many new friends. :)

Anne Payne said…
It's beautiful! I'm a teacup lover and enjoy using one daily. Have a blessed day~
Katiebee said…
ohhh, that's a pretty one & packaged so sweet too! nice to meet you~

happy weekending~

Danielle said…
How fun - I haven't participated in an exchange yet, but a teacup exchange would be one to join! I love tea and sweet teacups too!

Found you at the Monday Mingling blog hop - following via twitter! Hope you have a great week!

Hey sweetie! You may not remember me, but we met at Declare and sat next to one another at the first session. I was browsing your blog, and as you can see didn't have to get too far. It's just that, your new tea cup matches some of my china that I inherited from my mother's side of the family. And here's the thing, I have 10 cups and 12 saucers. SO, I was wondering if you would like a saucer to match your cup. Just holler at me if you would, okay? :)