As some of you might know, my big brother is a pilot and he loves to fly as much as possible.  The past few weeks he has been flying on Sundays and a few weeks ago while we were watching tv we heard the house get buzzed(a close fly over).  We didn't have time to go outside and see who it was before they were gone, but last week we did!

I was in the garage unloading the FJ and I heard him fly right over.  So I ran out in the yard and waved as hard as I could.  Then he came around another time and just before the third I ran in the house and grabbed my phone and here's what I got.
Just like every Nelson in my family, my brother has his passions and this is just one of them.  He is a big kid at heart and will do what ever it takes to live his dreams.  I am so proud of my brother and am so happy that he has such a beautiful bride to share this passion with!   

Can you see him? 
  My big brother!!  


Stephanie said…
Wow, that is incredible! Great photos, Lauren :) Hugs!
How neat!! You captured some great pictures. Have you ever flown with him? Nate's best friend is a B-1 Pilot in the US Air Force. He's deployed right now. And one of our neighbors has 2 planes like this one and a helicopter. He gets out and does tricks for us! I love it.