Did You Notice?

I read somewhere online the other day(probably a tweet) that when a woman gets a new haircut she is changing something in her life, and not just her hair.  After I gave that some thought I would have to say I agree.  So if that goes for hair, you think it can go for blog design too? 

Well I do, and after a facelift and what I think could be considered a hair cut, this little corner of my dot com world is making some changes. 

I'd say it looks a little different.  Just a bit.  All of the redesign was done by yours truly, and I really enjoyed doing it.  I choose to use garnet and grey because they have been two of my favorite colors recently.  Garnet is not only my birthstone, but it is also similar to maroon which is my school color.

My old header with the scrabble letters, barbwire, and beautiful landscape(my back yard) will always be my favorite and don't be surprised if it reappears on the blog someday.  But for now, I am loving the garnet and grey and I hope you do too!! 


Nic said…
The facelift looks great! I loved the Scrabble letters though, I'd have to say that's my favorite & what brought me over to your blog so long ago :)

Rachel said…
Hey, a new design is always fun, and I'm very impressed that you did this all yourself! I do not have html/blog designing skills whatsoever. I just stick to words. :P
I love love love it! And Garnet is my birthstone as well!