I Believe in

-Big hair
-Texas country music
-Sweet tea
-Southern gentlemen
-Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior
-Cuddling on cold nights
-the Texas Rangers
-Big tires and four wheel drive
-City lights
-Boots and jeans
-Sunrises and sunsets
-Clean bed sheets
-Long showers
-Letting your hair down
-Puppy kisses
-High heels and pretty dresses
-Cupcakes and lattes
-Sleeping in
-Small towns
-Taking back roads
-College football
-River floating
-Snail mail

What are some things that you believe in?


Stephanie said…
LOVE this Lauren! And I love the look of your blog :) I believe in Jesus Christ, happy families, laughter, girly dresses, high heels, delectable desserts, letting your hair blow in the wind, sun-kissed cheeks, and the list could go on and on :) Hope you're doing well, friend!

Love it!! We should plan a river floating trip! I've never been but it sounds like a ton of fun!! :)
CWY said…
It's a shame we don't live near one another!
We have so much in common and I love it!
holli said…
Great list! I Believe in most all the same things you listed.