Pet Peeves and a Few Confessions

As of late I have felt like a lot of my posts have been fairly serious and in an attempt to shake things up a bit I thought I would get real with you all and hopefully have a few laughs.  So I thought I would share a few of my pet peeves and confessions with y'all.  We all have them, some of them drive us insane, and others just make us laugh.

Pet Peeves:
1. People talking with a mouth full of food.  Enough already!  Your thought can wait five seconds while you finish chewing.

2. No-reply bloggers- but really, get your act together!

3. Shampoo inside the cap.  Do not make a mess of my shampoo bottle!  If you use it I will know, and if you use it and leave a mess I will judge you.

4. When people post stupid home stuff on Pinterest.  I am a design professional and I will tell you that A. that 'project' fell apart five seconds after that picture was taken, and B. just, NO!

5. People who use the saying "I'm just talking out loud."  When it would make more sense to say "I'm just thinking out loud."

6. When men are not gentlemen.  Let me rephrase that... when boys don't know how to be gentlemen.  Yep, I grew up in the south!

7. People who don't listen to me when I say my name the first time and then call me Laura Wilson.  Nope, good try though!

1. I have only received flowers from a man once, and they were sympathy flowers.  My inner girly self hopes to one day have some sent to my office to make everyone jealous!

2. I believe trust is the most important thing in any relationship.  PERIOD.

3. I can be a little honest sometimes (see all of the above).  This is something that I both love and hate about myself.

4. I cannot wait to have my own house so that if this introvert doesn't want to talk to anyone in the evenings she won't have to!

5. I literally have dreams about this meal and this soft serve.  Cannot wait to eat it everyday in heaven, yep they are that good!

Let's hear them, what are some of your Pet Peeves or Confessions? 


Stephanie said…
It's good to be honest :) Your post made me smile, sweet friend! And the whole food thing - I can't stand it when people chew quite loudly (shivers) just thinking about it makes my skin crawl :)

I hope you're doing well and enjoying your week. Hugs!
You just made the pregnant lady crave sweets she can't have!
ty said…
Confession #4: YES.
Becky said…
Hilarious! I love your pet peeve list and agree with so many of them. What a great idea for a blog post!! :)

Becky @
Becky said…
Hilarious! I love your pet peeve list and agree with so many of them. What a great idea for a blog post!! :)

Becky @