Realities of Singleness: Happy

This week on my blog and around the world National Singles Week has been celebrated in many ways.  I have broken it down in Tweets, The List, and In the Church, and wanted to end it on a happy note.  Earlier in the week I referenced Mandy Hale's new book(which is a must read for all single ladies) and I wanted to share one more excerpt from it with you all this week.
"Happily Single takes a strength that most women will never know.  It's refusing to let your life be defined by your relationship status and instead defining it yourself.  It's laughing in the face of stigmas and stereotypes.  It's showing the world that for you, settling is not an option.
Happily Single is also the precursor to Happily Taken.  You simply can't have one without the other...  ...And ultimately, it means that someday when you do invite someone to join you on your journey, it will be because he compliments your life, not because he completes it."
What encouraging words those are.  They give me the motivation to enjoy my singleness, and not just be content but Happy in it!