Realities of Singleness: The List

For some reason as I sit down to write my thoughts today I am slightly overwhelmed and slightly on the verge of tears.  P.S. All of the above is not like me.  But I will tell you one thing, when I am on the verge of tears, or the tears are already coming it is because I am passionate about something.  My dad is the same way(no tears, his voice just changes), and it is one of the many qualities that I love that I got from him.  Apparently I am passionate about this post and hope that I can truly convey what is on my heart with you all today.

Since it is national singles week I thought I would finally put pen to paper for "My List."  If you grew up in any youth group, or you and your girlfriends just loved to imagine the future I am sure you made plenty of these over the years.  It is amazing to think back on the lists I made in middle and high school and to see how much they have changed. 

Let me tell you one thing I have learned over the past few years: dating is a whole new ball game as adults.  I'm not talking your college years, I am talking working professionals trying to find their place in this big journey we call life.  Some men truly grasp the concept and step up their game from their old college ways of texting a girl on a Friday afternoon to 'hang out' that night.  Others, let's call them 'the boys', are still stuck in their old ways and it is hard for them to compete and are a lot of work.

That all brings me to the realization of how different my list looks from five years ago.  So let's dive in and see what this list is all about.

Qualities I am looking in a man for my future relationships and future husband:

1. A believer in Christ.  The spiritual leader of our home and someone to worship with every week, both at home and at church.

2. A Southern Gentleman.  My mama raised me right, and my daddy was a wonderful example for me growing up.  I grew up in the south and those morals and values run deep!

3. A Career Man.  I was hesitant to put this one on here, but I truly think it is very important.  At this point in my life my career is very important to me.  I work 7:30- 5:30 each day and have found that it is important for my partner to as well.  Also, my career motivates me and pushes me each and everyday and I think that is extremely healthy and important for a man to have that as well. 

4. A sense of Humor.  With a side of sarcasm! 

5. A Tall Man.  Come on, you knew this one had to make the list.  I am 5'-11" and this is a must!

6. An Adventurer.  This can look like many things, but the main point is that I desire to be with someone that not only can I talk about sports with, but I can also play those sports with.  I love to be active, and love to incorporate that in my relationships.  Traveling, tennis, lake activities, running, cycling, and the list goes on...

7. A Handy Man.  I live on a ranch, I have my own house, and I love designing.  Someone is going to have to be quite handy to keep up with all of that!

8. A Family Man.  My family is hands down the most important thing to me other than my faith.  They are my rock and the ones I go to in both good and bad.  I desire to be with a man that will both fit into my family, and I into his!

Single ladies: what are some of the qualities on your list?
Taken ladies: what are some qualities that you never had on your list, but now that you are taken you couldn't imagine your man without? 


Before being married, I didn't care about having someone else handle the finances. For some families that falls under the category of head of household's responsibilities or the financially savvy one's job. For me it is a huge trust thing that I had to work up to - trusting that my husband could step up and manage the finances like I would (not my way or the highway, just that we see eye to eye financially) and not having to worry about it is amazing!!
Cora, Frances & I were just talking about a guy for Cora and she was talking about her "list" so I shared yours with her. The only additions she had was the guy can't wear pastel pants and has to like cats!