Realities of Singleness: Tweets

This week is National Singles Week, so I thought I would celebrate it with all of you!  As most of you know singleness is something that is near and dear to my heart, and it is something that I believe should be celebrated.  At some point in life everyone has been single, and it is something that we can all relate to.  Maybe for some of you it is hard to remember those single days, but never-the-less you still had them. 

Since I have started writing about singleness the past few months I have started following several Twitters that are all about singleness.  They focus on not only celebrating it, but also the struggles we all go through too!  So I thought I would kick off National Singles Week with a few of my favorite single tweets from the last few weeks.

Now for the funny ones:

Friends, I ask you to bear with me this week as most of these posts will be all about singleness this week.  But let's get real for a second, if I can put up with all of y'alls wedding and mom posts all the time, you can humor me this week! 


I love the planning trips to Europe tweet! So true!! (I love the new layout!!)