Yeast Free Update

Several months ago I shared with you all about the yeast-free diet that my mom and I were on.  I am no longer following it as strict as I once was, but with that said I have modified it to fit my life style. This allows me a little bit more freedom when choosing my meals, but still allows me to maintain this healthy lifestyle.

The biggest challenges I have encountered since changing my eating habits:
1. I want to eat cookies the size of my face. This is mainly a joke with my parents, but in all seriousness sweets are very rare and that can be hard some days.
2. It is difficult to just throw a meal together. Salads are easy, but you can only have so many salads. You better enjoy to cook, or at least grill if you are going to eat healthy at home.
3. Restaurants can be difficult. If you can go somewhere with a variety of side dishes you will most likely be fine, but no fast food or southern fried everything.

The amazing results I have seen since changing many eating habits:
1. Weight loss. I feel great in my clothes and fit in most things that had gotten a little tight or uncomfortable.
2. Healthy. Besides the weight loss I feel great on the inside too! One of the biggest lifestyle changes for me has been eating nothing out of a box. Not only is that healthy, but it has done wonders for my food allergies. I am allergic to soy and sesame and can physically feel the difference of not eating them.
3. I rarely crave sweets, and when I do a homemade cocoa-banana frosty or chocolate almond milk usually satisfy my crave.
4. A happy period. Yep, I said it. Since starting yeast free eating my menstrual cycles have been great. I feel great the whole time and no cramps. I might not have really thought about this, but after Danielle mentioned it I have noticed a difference!

If you are contemplating trying a new diet, losing some weight or just trying to eat healthier I highly recommend yeast free eating! It quickly becomes a lifestyle and can be modified to fit any person. For me it is modified a little differently because of my food allergies and in the same way I am sure you would modify your healthy eating for you too!