Blessings Party

Last night my family and I had a Blessings Party in my soon-to-be home.  It was a really special time for us to spend together not only preparing my house for flooring, but my heart for serving the Lord through my home.  Flooring goes in today, so now it will be done before I know it!
I asked my mom, dad, brother, and sister-in-love to bring a few blessings and verses with them and I would provide the markers.  They brought the blessings and we killed every marker because of the paint on the floors and because they had more to write than I had expected.

It was so much fun to see what everyone wrote.  We laughed while we all wandered through out my home and talked about what it will soon be.  It will soon be my home, but more importantly I like to think of it as another tool for my ministry.
This beautiful verse is in my room directly under where my bed will go.  I was in the other room when my sister-in-love wrote this one and when I first saw it I almost cried.  It became so real at that very moment, not that I was moving into this house.  But that this house would be my home and is a gift from the Lord.  And since it is from the Lord, I must use it for His glory.
Here are the rest of the verses and songs that we wrote.  We all spread out and got every room in my house and even a closet(thanks bro!)!

This is one of my favorites because there are four door ways in this shot.  My bed room is on the left and the guest room is on the right.  The other two are closets.  My feet will cross this every morning and every night as I enter into and exit my bedroom.  And brother wrote in the closet for me too!
"In Christ alone my hope is found;
He is my light, my strength, my song;
This cornerstone, this solid ground,
Firm through the fiercest drought and storm."

My mom joked that she was going to write "Jesus wept." and she got that down first before I even knew she had started.  Now it will forever be in the corner of my living room.  Thanks, mom!
The one with the feet will be underneath my dining table. 
My bedroom on the left and my kitchen on the right.  Don't worry, the avocado green sink is leaving next week! 
"...Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations..." Matthew 28:19 on the left to be crossed as I walk out the front door.  Written by dad.  
Proverbs 31:30 as I enter my bathroom. 
"Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised."  


And don't worry, Caitlin blessed both of my bathrooms.  This made me laugh the hardest!! 

One more step towards the renovation being completed and I am so thankful for my family supporting me.  This house has been blessed and I find great comfort knowing that those blessings will be with me as I live there.  As I cross the thresholds coming and going, laughing with friends and family, and praising my God.

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Kari Lindsay said…
This is super cool Lauren! Next time I renovate or build I'm gonna do this so that every nook and cranny of my home is filled! In the mean time I have a few walls to paper, so I think I'll start there!
Stephanie said…
This is such a fabulous idea! I love it and may have to do the same thing when we build a new home :) Thinking of you, friend.
Regina said…
This is absolutely awesome, Lauren. Makes me want to remodel so I can do it to my floors. I can only imagine how it must make you feel each day as you go about your life and think of the love and inspiration that is under your feet. Great idea!