I Believe In - Two

Good morning, sweet friends!  We have so much to be thankful for and are given so much hope everyday that we get to believe in things far greater than ourselves.  So as I share with you things that I believe in, I hope that you will comment below with yours too!

-Long Goodbyes
-First Pitches
-Colored Pens
-Rainy Days
-God's Holy Word
-The Mystery of Fall
-Hair Blowing in the Wind
-New Shoes
-Hair Bows
-Disney Princesses 
-Interior Design
-Doing Good
-Mason Jars
-Bubble Umbrellas
-Loving Your Job
-Beauty in Brokenness
-Enjoying the Journey
-Loud Music
-Movie Nights
-Long Walks
-Blue Skies
-Big Dreams

What are some things that you believe in?


holli said…
I believe in majority of your list minus the first pitches. I am more for football as you are for baseball. I also believe in the color orange and pickup trucks and natural curly hair and flavored coffee creamers.
I like that you believe in Big Dreams. I believe in those too ;-) I actually did my own post on this topic a few weeks back! It was a really fun one to write! http://mypassionjourney.com/i-believe/