My Mornings

Coffee, God's word, smoothies, big hair, Texas country music.

Yep, that is what my mornings look like.  Somehow coffee has become an important part of my mornings, which I attribute to living with my dad and working with architects on a daily basis.  I am not a morning person, nor will I ever be mistaken for one, but I have learned to enjoy and cherish my mornings.

First thing in the morning I hop out of bed and make it so I am not tempted to climb back in.  I head into the kitchen and pour my coconut milk in my mug and get the coffee brewing!  From there I head back into my room and start my bible study.  The past few weeks I have been doing the amazing Beth Moore bible study Patriarchs and it is wonderful.
Coffee from my brother/sister date with my brother a few weeks ago. 

I will be the first to admit that over the years I have not been the most consistent with when I do my quiet time.  As of late, I have found myself hoping out of bed in the mornings to dive into the word.  This thrills and excites me because I am so happy to have started a routine that I will take into my own home.  Each morning my mom and dad dive into the Word before starting their days, and now I do too.  It was great to have them help me start this routine under their roof and I will be eternally grateful for them in instilling this priority into my mornings.

After quality time in the word, I go into the kitchen and make a smoothie for my mom and I and then start to tame the beast(AKA My Hair).  Before this time in the mornings that is when the Ghostbusters hair comments come from my dad and his looks are always priceless when he first sees me.  Gotta love him!  And while all of that is going on, you know Texas Country is playing as the sound track of my life!

After the hair is tamed, I finish getting ready for work and head out.  Usually I head out with another fresh cup of coffee and thankfully my dad and I get to ride to work together most days.  That right there is something that I will always cherish, that quality time with my dad!

And from there my day at the office starts.

What are your mornings like?  How many cups of coffee do you consume during your morning routines?


I miss coffee!! In my pre-pregnancy world, a minimum of 2 cups a day!
I am with you! I feel like I can’t get enough coffee these days. I’ve wanted to start a Beth Moore bible study. I will have to look into this one. Now that I will be working from home I hope to use the extra time I have in the mornings to devote to reading the word.