Pray for THIS House

Last night my parents and I went over to my house to see the progress and I was blown away.  It is coming together so beautifully and I can barely contain myself when I think that it will be all mine by the end of the month.  As all of these beautiful renovations are going on my constant prayers are for this house.  What it is, what it will become and how the Lord will use it for my ministry.
Let me give you a little background, and a little update on the house that I am turning into my home.  Last month we started the process of getting bids, applying for a loan, and determining how we were going to do all of this.  Unfortunately the loan has taken far longer than we thought it would because we had to have a survey done and those take FOREVER!  Fortunately while we have been waiting on the loan to come through my contractor started demo and did as much as he could without spending too much out of pocket.  Even though the loan has still not come through, my parents have graciously loaned me the money until the loan is here.  So I have now given the contractors the go ahead and just know that time is going to fly by now!

So what exactly are the contractors doing to my cute house?
-Removing the paneling in the living, dinning, and kitchen and hanging gypsum board
-Removing old light fixtures and reducing the number of small fixtures with new
-My dad and brother removed the carpet and the contractors removed the linoleum
-New hardwood floors will be installed through out the house and tile will be in the kitchen and bathrooms
-Every inch will be painted grey walls with white trim
-New three prong outlets throughout
-New counter tops and back splash

What have I done?
-Bought a couch with chaise, love seat, and chair!!!!
-Bought ceiling fans, chandelier, and pendants for my living room, dinning room, and kitchen
-Bought a piano, refrigerator, Keurig, and so much more (yep, I like my coffee)
-Hung my Texas flag in the front yard
What's to come?
-Hang those light fixtures
-Paint my book shelves 
-Install flooring
-Pick out counter tops and sinks
-Get a washer and dryer
-Purchase Rugs
-And so much more

I can not tell you all how excited I am to cook and bake in that kitchen and spend quality time on that beautiful couch.  As I was leaving my house last night I walked back to my parents house with my pup in prayer.  My prayers were for my house that I hope to become a home someday soon.  My prayers focused on the relationships that would be built, developed and grow in this house and so much more.


So exciting!! You'll be moving in before you know it!! :) :)
You have taken on quite a project! I can't wait to see what you do with it :)
This is so exciting! I cant wait to see it all come together.